Monte Casino

Smooth textured cobbles used inside Monte Casino bringing that outside feeling inside

Monte Casino is one of Johannesburg’s best known entertainment destinations. It was meticulously designed to resemble a Tuscan village and was recreated from over 6 000 drawings, resulting in an authentic representation of the Tuscan look and feel.

There are over two kilometres of cobbled walkways and three-storey buildings all covered by a massive roof painted to resemble the sky. The cobbles have an authentic worn stone texture so as not to break the illusion of walking through an Italian village. They are also strong, durable and long lasting to endure the tremendous amount of foot traffic a popular destination such as Monte casino is subjected to.

SmartStone’s Fan cobble as well as Shepstone Pavers in mixed of sizes were used to bring the architects vision to life.

SmartStone also received a Vintage Award in 2010 for the Fan Cobbles used around the Palazzo Hotel – Monte Casino

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