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SmartStone tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, as they are non-slip and textured. This makes them perfect for patios, around swimming pools, courtyards, roof gardens and indoor/outdoor entertainment areas.

Both ceramic and concrete tiles are installed on a cement screed. When installed, the cement screed expands at the same rate of the concrete tile, whereas ceramic tiles expand at a faster rate than the cement screed onto which it is installed. This causes the ceramic tiles and grouting to pop out.

Concrete tiles are stronger and last far longer than ceramic tiles, as they are able to withstand wear and tear better. They maximize durability and longevity in withstanding weights exerted for years to come.

SmartStone tiles are 20mm thicker than standard ceramic tiles in order for them to withstand the harsh African climate. The fact that SmartStone tiles are nonslip, textured and thicker than ceramic tiles; makes them suitable to use should flagstones not be needed (where a lighter weight is exerted).

Our tiles feature matching copings and come in sizes well suited for the edges of stairs, around pools and on the borders of elevated patios.

SmartStone tiles are available in various colours. They come in different sizes and can be installed in combination with one another to create an interesting design.

We manufacture our tiles locally, making them readily available should additional ones be required. Our innovative outdoor tiles are made to suit your desired architectural design and can be used in conjunction with our flagstones to create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.