Tactile Pavers

Tactile Paving is used to provide distinctive surface indicators, detectable by cane and underfoot; such as the truncated domes on Warning Tactile Pavers or the bars on Directional Tactile Pavers. They are used along walkways and public pathways to alert the visually impaired of grade changes, pedestrian ramps, stairs, and approaching streets. SmartStone’s Tactile Pavers have protrusions to tell visually-impaired pedestrians something specific about their location and the direction along which they are going. 

Available at the following branches:

Midrand, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Nelspruit, and Mozambique.

Warning Tactile Paver

Pavers used to warn about a sudden up or down grade change. They are ideal for guiding pedestrians on sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, and other platforms. Their knobs are manufactured to be a precaution against slipping, especially when wet.

SmartStone Warning Tactile Pavers

Directional Tactile Paver

Pavers used to guide blind pedestrians to walk along the correct public pathways, in the safest way possible.

SmartStone Directional Tactile Paver

Pedestrian Lane Paver

Pavers used to inform the visually impaired of the correct side to walk along on a given walkway.

SmartStone Pedestrian Lane Tactile Paver

Cycle Lane Paver

Pavers used to indicate the separation of pedestrians and cyclists on a pathway underfoot

SmartStone Cycle Lane Tactile Pavers

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