Tactile Pavers

Tactile Paving provides a distinctive surface pattern, such as truncated domes on the Warning Paver or bars on the Directional Paver. These surfaces are detectable by cane and underfoot, to alert the visually impaired of approaching streets, public pathways and grade changes. We also provide Cycle and Pedestrian Tactile Pavers.

Available at the following branches:

Midrand, Pretoria, DurbanCape Town, Nelspruit, and Mozambique.

Technical Information
Product NameTactile Pavers
Dimesions (mm):398.5 395.5
Thickness (mm)60
Coverage/Unit (mm)400 x 400
Mass/M2 (kg):144
Warning Tactile Paver
Directional Tactile Paver
Cycle Tactile Paver
Pedestrian Tactile Paver