Stepping Stones created using a SmartStone 1 800 x 450 x 80mm Slab installed along a walkway entrance to home

1800 x 450 x 80mm Slab

Large & Thick Concrete Slab

Contemporary Concrete Finish

Polished & Exposed Aggregate Options


The SmartStone 1 800 x 450 x 80mm Slab is strong, contemporary in design, and rectangular in shape. It has been designed with quality and precision in mind, ensuring a thick and durable product. These slabs give the unique effect of floating steps, and can be used to create counters & table-tops in outdoor living space designs.

This Large Element Concrete Slab is regarded as the largest in South Africa. It comes in a smooth, grey or charcoal natural concrete finish, and is also available in a 1 200 x 300 x 60 mm size.

Please note: The handling of these pavers is more expensive, as they require special handling tools to prevent unwanted injuries from occurring.

Please contact your local SmartStone branch for the availability and price of this particular product.

Available at the following branches:

Midrand, Pretoria, Nelspruit, PotchefstroomDurban, GeorgeNamibia, Cape Town, Mozambique, and Zambia.

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch. Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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