SmartStone Slab

The SmartStone Slab is regarded as the largest concrete paver in South Africa. These large element pavers have a smooth surface and a contemporary rectangular shape. SmartStone’s slabs are designed with quality and precision in mind, ensuring a thick and strong product. These slabs give the unique effect of floating steps.

SmartStone Slab Thick Large Element Paver

The SmartStone Slab comes in two sizes, namely 1 200mm x 300mm and 1 800mm x 450mm. They are available in grey and charcoal colours, while the 1 200mm x 300mm size is also available in an exposed aggregate or polished finish.

Please note: The handling of these pavers is more expensive.

Please contact your local SmartStone branch for the availability and price of this particular product.

Available at the following branches:

Midrand, PretoriaNelspruit, Cape Town, Durban and Mozambique.