SmartStone Mozambique

Let us show you how to create an exterior design with SmartStone Mozambique Concrete Products.

SmartStone Mozambique serves its ever-growing market through supplying quality cobblestones, flagstones, tiles and cladding. Our products can be used for various applications, as they create the freedom to design beautiful outdoor spaces. Our pavers can be installed in a combination of sizes, or even contrasting colours, in order to create innovative designs and themes to complement any home or garden.

As a member of the Concrete Manufacturers’ Association, we are committed to consistently advancing paving and concrete products. We aim to achieve dimensional accuracy in terms of neatness and strength, which is why we are considered to be world leaders in cast-stone products. Through ensuring dimensional accuracy, we allow you to install your paving easily and neatly, while guaranteeing strength and longevity once installed.

SmartStone does not just supply products: we also supply a design with consistency, keeping the end result in mind – for example, your driveway, patio, walking path or pool paving – and not just loose pavers or tiles. That being said, it is our goal to help home-owners select the right concrete paving for each unique project by adding significant value in the best possible design.

SmartStone has built up an enviable reputation among architects, developers, municipalities, contractors, landscapers and home-owners as a result of our aesthetically pleasing products and commitment to service excellence. SmartStone aims to offer the most innovative paving and landscaping products in order to remain ahead of industry trends.

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