Commercial Paving


Not Just A Pretty Space

SmartStone commercial paving not only exceeds the expectations you’d have of a durable, sturdy, versatile and superbly manufactured product – it also goes far beyond the “call of duty” by giving any space in which it is used a distinctive finishing touch.

Our commercial paving is suitable for a multitude of purposes, from public areas to parking lots, shopping centres, residential and business estates to paved roads and driveways. Built to last a lifetime, it withstands heavily loaded vehicles and retains its strength through extreme hot, cold or rainy weather and heavy pedestrian traffic. In fact, it significantly exceeds the standard requirements of commercial paving because of its extra thickness and unique adaptability to a variety of uses.What’s more, its unique attractiveness makes it as much of a design feature as a functional surface. The striking patterns available in our range of commercial paving mean it can be used to complement any architectural theme, or stand on its own as a focal aesthetic point.

Whether you are a home-owner willing to spend a little more on creating a stunning driveway or an architect wanting to give a business or residential estate a really special, signature quality, our paving has the ideal solution for your needs. We also offer expert advice on selecting the product best suited to your requirements and how to ensure that it is laid correctly.

Recognised as a benchmark of excellence in both the construction and exterior design industries, SmartStone commercial paving is in a league of its own – and puts any space where it’s used in a league of its own too.

Use our Commercial paving in conjunction with other SmartStone products to create a beautiful living space.

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