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SmartStone Colour

One of the significant differences between SmartStone and other paving solutions is colour. SmartStone products are alive and organic and this results in natural variances between products. During the lifespan of the products,colours will evolve and develop resulting in an entirely unique design for your property. Although a single SmartStone product will give an indication of colour at the time of purchase, the full effect can only be seen on a larger, fully installed area where the same range of products have been used. This effect will be enhanced over time.

Because the manufacture of SmartStone products relies on natural aggregates, colours will vary from one area to another. For this reason we strongly recommend that you visit a SmartStone showroom in your area to view the products, or ask a consultant to provide you with colour samples. There is a broad range of colours and shades available at the various branches which can be used together to create beautiful themes and patterns. Your SmartStone consultant will be able to assist you with making a choice.

SmartStone’s basic colour palette

Please be aware colours are not the same from branch to branch and different branches will not all stock the same colours

SmartStone colour by region:

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