Rock-Face Walling Blocks

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Stone texture

Believe it or not, the stunning vertical structures in this outdoor entertainment area were crafted without traditional bricks, sand, or cement. Thanks to SmartStone’s Rock-Face Walling Blocks, building outdoor structures has never been easier. Say goodbye to messy mortar – our innovative blocks offer a hassle-free, mortar-free solution. Discover how to build quickly by simply using construction glue and our building blocks.

Our building blocks are engineered to streamline the construction of outdoor living spaces, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective building process from start to finish.

Crafted from durable S-Tech® Concrete, each rock-face building block boasts an authentic chiseled stone-textured surface, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. There’s also no need to paint or clad walls as SmartStone Rock-Face Walling is an all-in-one solution.

As with other SmartStone products, our textured building blocks have been precision-engineered and three sizes ensure an easy, non repetitive, stretcher bond pattern.

Effortlessly build walls and structures without mortar

SmartStone’s Rock-Face Walling is the perfect no-mess, no-fuss building solution.

Our building blocks are designed to be built with a small amount of construction glue (widely available at hardware and building supply outlets). Assemble walls or structures by securely bonding the building blocks together using construction glue between each layer.

This innovative building approach perfected by American Hardscaping companies, eliminates the need for mortar and the mess associated with it. The blocks are also available as corner units in the various sizes, providing seamless cornering.

Wondering what you can create with SmartStone’s Rock-Face Walling blocks? The possibilities are endless…

Build a raised patio.

Some applications calls for a raised patio. SmartStone walling blocks offer a simple and practical way to construct a raised patio. The blocks complement other SmartStone products and the design is seamless.

Build a raised patio with SmartStone Rock-face walling
Outdoor kitchen using Rock-Face Walling from SmartStone

Construct an outdoor kitchen with SmartStone walling blocks

Construct anything from counters, serving or eating areas and even a rustic bar to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Need more space? Our concepts are scalable, offering you the potential to expand your entertainment area in stages. Add a custom-built seating area or build an additional counter for a pizza oven or prep area.

Build Outdoor seating areas

SmartStone Rock Face Walling blocks are ideal to construct permanent seating for outdoor living spaces. It is simple, build the walls with the walling blocks and finish with a SmartStone coping.

Outdoor seating area made with SmartStone Rock-Face Walling
Build a built in braai area rock-face walling SmartStone

Build a built-in braai area

SmartStone walling blocks were engineered to work seamlessly with most built in braai’s and fireplaces. The sizing modules were designed with providing a shell or casing for braai’s, fireplaces and chimneys alike.

Construct easy fire pits

Smartstone Rock Faced walling blocks are ideal to construct fire pits for outdoor spaces. 

Create built-in planters easily

Bringing nature into your outdoor entertainment space has never been simpler. Easily incorporate greenery into your design by seamlessly integrating built-in planters.

Ready to transform your outdoor space with SmartStone’s innovative solutions? Get started on your dream project today.

Available at the following branches:

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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Product NameWynberg Walling – 125Wynberg Walling – 250Wynberg Walling – 375
Course Height(mm)125125125
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)
Product NameWynberg Walling – 125Wynberg Walling – 250
Course Height(mm)125125
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)
Product NameWynberg Walling – 375
Course Height(mm)125
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)

* Rock-Face Walling is also referred to as Wynberg Walling.
* The above-mentioned sizes are also available as corner units.

SmartStone’s colours are directly derived from oxides and area specific aggregates. Therefore SmartStone colours vary from branch to branch. SmartStone colours could however be classified in the following broad colour schemes.

Shades of Black

Shades of Grey

Notes: Other colours are available upon request, subject to availability.

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