Stepping Stones

To bring your Outdoor Living Space to life, design with SmartStone Flagstones. All of SmartStone’s Flagstone Pavers can be used to create stepping stones in and around a garden. The flagstones used as stepping stones can be used around your house, pools, patio, creating unique pathways, garden features and so much endless design possibilities.

Grass, pebbles, flowers, stones can be placed in between flagstones to exceed your desired stepping stone dream. SmartStone’s stepping stones are available in various textures, sizes and colours. Make use of a combination of sizes and colours to create a unique walkway design. The Ibanzi Paver and Concrete Slabs are quite popular at the moment for creating stepping stones.

Please contact your local SmartStone branch for the availability and price of this particular landscaping product range.

Use A Combination Of Sizes & Colours To Create A Unique Walkway Design

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