Rock-Face Concrete Building Blocks

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Wynberg Walling

The Wynberg Walling range consists of innovative rock-face concrete building blocks in SmartStone’s wide range of colours that make building beautiful vertical features easy. As with other SmartStone products, it has been precision-engineered with different-sized blocks and corner units. Wynberg Walling creates vertical structures with rock-face concrete building blocks that add depth and character to any space with minimal effort. 

These decorative yet functional rock-face concrete building blocks feature an authentic stone-textured surface with chiselled edges, combined with the strength and durability of S-Tech® Concrete.

Build without mortar

Eliminate the need for traditional mortar between each layer of bricks when you build with Wynberg Walling and Soundabond Easy Genius building adhesive (available from Cretesol Concrete Solutions)

Where can Wynberg Walling be used?

Use Wynberg Walling building blocks to create a beautiful outdoor area or raised patio. Design an outdoor area to suit your space, build a counter and finish it with a SmartStone polished concrete slab – ideal for a pizza oven, serving or prep area. Our outdoor living space concepts are scalable, offering you the potential to expand your entertainment area with your own custom-built seating area when you are ready to extend your space.

Are SmartStone’s Wynberg Walling building blocks suitable for a DIY project?

Using Wynberg Walling to build counters and other vertical features is ideal for DIY projects and DIY enthusiasts; we also offer DIY firepits.

Available at the following branches:

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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Product NameWynberg Walling – 180Wynberg Walling – 230Wynberg Walling – 300
Course Height(mm)150150150
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)
Product NameWynberg Walling – 180Wynberg Walling – 230
Course Height(mm)150150
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)
Product NameWynberg Walling – 300
Course Height(mm)150
Mass/M2(kg)230 (supplied in mixed sizes)

SmartStone’s colours are directly derived from oxides and area specific aggregates. Therefore SmartStone colours vary from branch to branch. SmartStone colours could however be classified in the following broad colour schemes.

Shades of Black

Shades of Grey

Notes: Other colours are available upon request, subject to availability.

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