Garden Edging Ideas

All of SmartStone’s cobblestones can be used to edge off garden designs. View our garden edging ideas. We offer specific landscaping products for use as Garden Edging.

Please contact your local SmartStone branch for the availability and price of this particular landscaping product range.

Enhance your outdoor area with our durable and stylish concrete garden edging solutions, meticulously crafted to elevate the aesthetic of any garden or landscape. SmartStone offers an extensive selection of edging in diverse shapes, textures, and colours.

Our expertly manufactured concrete edging serves a dual purpose, delivering both practicality and style by defining garden borders and preventing soil erosion.

Key Benefits of Garden Edging:

Lawn Edging

Maintain the neatness of lawns, flower beds, and pathways with our cast stone lawn edgings, designed to blend practicality with decorative charm.

Decorative and Functional

Our cast stone lawn edgings combine functionality and aesthetics, providing an ideal solution to keep garden pathways and flowerbeds neat while adding an elegant visual touch. These edgings are also effective in retaining soil, gravel, and stones.


Garden edging seamlessly complements trees, flower beds, pathways, and driveways. Transform your outdoor space with our versatile and high-quality concrete garden edging solutions.

For more garden paving ideas, visit our Pinterest page.

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