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Ibanzi Paver












Ibanzi Pavers are ideal for patios, walkways and landscaping. They are larger than the other pavers with dimensions of 988 x 488 mm. Due to the large size of the Ibanzi Paver, it is commonly used as a walkway Paver.

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Ibanzi pavers are suitable for use on patios and pools.

The Ibanzi Paver is available at the following SmartStone branches:

Midrand, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Durban, Potchefstroom.

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Technical Information

Min 25 MPa
Ave 30-40 MPa

Product Name:Ibanzi PaverIbanzi Paver Half
Dimensions:988 x 488 mm488 x 488 mm
Thickness:40 mm40 mm
Coverage/Unit:1000 x 500 mm500 x 500 mm
Mass/M2:88 kg/m288 kg/m2
Compressive Strength:Min 25 MPa
Ave 30-40 MPa
Min 25 MPa
Ave 30-40 MPa
Density:Approx 2350 kg/m3Approx 2350 kg/m3


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