*redefine your outdoor living

SmartStone flagstones are large paving slabs used for formal and informal installations. Our pavers can be used in formal applications such as patios, paving around swimming pools and along walkways. They can also be used in informal applications such as stepping stones and creative garden features. Our pavers enable you to style your living space in a way that complements the architectural design of your home.

SmartStone has proved itself to be a market leader, due to our ability to manufacture and supply quality paving slabs in various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Many of our flagstones can be installed in combination with one another. In commercial spaces, SmartStone pavers are ideal for piazzas, reception areas, shopping malls and entertainment areas. Certain pavers feature engineered nibs to facilitate easier installation and smaller grouting gaps. We also offer matching copings to neatly finish raised edges or use as steps, along patio edges and around swimming pools.

SmartStone offers various other products to complete your Outdoor Living Space