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The Malta Coping is one of SmartStone’s newest products. This square coping is large in size, and features a unique pitted texture. The combination of a modern, large shape with a classic feel can be used in a wide variety of settings. Using this Coping in conjunction with the Malta Flagstone or the Malta Tile creates a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Malta Copings are suitable for use on the edges of elevated patios, as well as around swimming pools. The coping can also be made in a tile.

Available at the following branches:

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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Product NameCopingTile Coping
Dimensions(mm)587 x 587587 x 587
Coverage/Unit(mm)600 x 600600 x 600
Units/Linear Meter1.71.7
Compressive StrengthMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPaMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
DensityApprox 2350kg/m3Approx 2350kg/m3

This product is available in the sizes stipulated. Contact your nearest Branch for a list of sizes available in your area.

SmartStone’s colours are directly derived from oxides and area specific aggregates. Therefore SmartStone colours vary from branch to branch. SmartStone colours could however be classified in the following broad colour schemes.

Shades of Brown

Shades of Grey

Shades of Black

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Lighter Shades

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