Terrazzo Tile

Authentic Terrazzo Tiles

Visually Appealing

Thicker than conventional tiles

Slip Resistant

What is a Terrazzo Tile?

SmartStone Terrazzo Tiles are a unique flooring option offering both strength and beauty. These tiles are crafted with a concrete mix, containing specially graded coloured stones. After this mixture hardens, each tile is meticulously polished down to showcase the embedded stones, resulting in a distinctive finish. SmartStone Terrazzo Tiles are durable and adaptable to different spaces, and their appearance makes them appealing to both commercial and residential applications.

Why Choose SmartStone’s Terrazzo Tile

SmartStone’s Terrazzo Tiles create a naturally appealing outdoor space with their unique finish. Boasting colours and textures derived from natural stone, these tiles offer a fade-resistant and durable surface.

Designed for Outdoor Spaces

The Terrazzo Tile range is specifically designed for patios, pool surrounds, home aprons, and outdoor spaces. Designed thicker than standard tiles, SmartStone’s Terrazzo Tiles withstand the elements while maintaining a visual appeal superior to traditional paving products.

Slip Resistant Terrazzo Tile

Slip resistance of outdoor flooring is non-negotiable. Our Terrazzo Tiles meet the British standard for slip resistance and undergo a secondary process of “shot blasting” to create a slightly textured surface without sacrificing their elegant terrazzo aesthetic.

Recommended Terrazzo Tile Sealant

An approved sealant, such as ProtectGuard Plant Based Formula is recommended once installed (especially for commercial applications). This sealant protects water, oil, and general staining.

Exclusively available at the following branches:

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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Product NameTerrazzo Tile – 400mm x 400mmTerrazzo Tile – 200mm x 400mm
Dimensions(mm)400mm x 400mm200mm x 400mm

SmartStone’s colours are directly derived from oxides and area specific aggregates. Therefore SmartStone colours vary from branch to branch. SmartStone colours could however be classified in the following broad colour schemes.

Arctic White



Click here for branch specific downloadable colour charts.

This product can be laid in the following pattern(s).

Square Bond

45° Square Bond

Stretcher Bond

45° Stretcher Bond

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

2 Full & Quarter Cobble or Flagstone

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

3 Full, Half, and Quarter Cobble or Flagstone

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

3 Sizes C & F

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

3 Sizes Cobble and Flagstone

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

3 size Cobbles or Flagstones

45° Stretcher bond laying pattern

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