Paduan Paver

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Slim Design

Textured Finish

“Klompie Brick” Style

Paduan is a region in Italy which typifies Mediterranean architecture and charm. The Paduan Paver is also referred to as the “Klompie”. It is therefore fitting that this unique cobble should be named after this region. These pavers have a slim design with a slightly textured finish, resembling classic European pavers. Differing effects are created when Paduan Pavers are installed in either a herringbone or a stretcher bond pattern. This paver will enhance and complement any classic architectural style.

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Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
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Walkways & Entrances

Outdoor Living Spaces


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Product NamePaduan Paver
Dimensions(mm)54 x 254
Coverage/Unit(mm)55 x 255
Compressive StrengthMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
DensityApprox 2350kg/m3
Paduan Paver
Paduan paver size visualisation

This product is available in the sizes stipulated. Contact your nearest Branch for a list of sizes available in your area.

Our colours vary from branch to branch. Click here to view our branch-specific downloadable colour charts.

This product can be laid in the following pattern(s).

45° Stretcher Bond

45 Stretcher bond

Off-Centre Stretcher Bond

Off-Centre Stretcher Bond

Square Bond

Square Bond

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher bond showing Tuscan Paving

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher bond showing Tuscan Paving

Herringbone Paduan Paving

Herringbone showing paduan Paving

45° Herringbone Paduan Paving with Soldier Border

45 Herringbone Paudan Paving Soldier border
  • The layering pattern you choose can make a vast difference to the final effect of the Paduan Paver. A herringbone pattern creates a classic style and would, for instance, be well suited to a Tuscan-style house. A stretcher bond pattern gives the Paduan Paver a contemporary look that could suit a modern house quite effectively.
  • Paduan Pavers make good design features as soldier course borders or used in a line to break up the monotony of a long stretch of pavers.
  • Paduan Pavers break away from standard cobble shapes without compromising their texture. This enables you to create designs which are different from what is available with cobblestones or bricks.

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