3 Size Laying Patterns

Huguenot Cobble

Available at:

Most Branches

Legogote Cobble

Available at:

All Branches

SmartStone has a wide variety of sizes available that could be used to create different laying patterns and give that unique feel to your driveway or outdoor space. These three sizes are engineered to be installed in combination using 3 size laying patterns which will create interlock between pavers to create a functional driveway fit for vehicular traffic.

These cobbles that could be used to create this different size laying patterns are available in smooth and rough textures. There are 4 different mixed size laying patterns to choose from, each of them creating a different design for you – so use the one that appeals to you the most. These different sizes are engineered to be installed in combination laying patterns and give you that “unique design” to your driveway.

Using different laying patterns could efficiently demarcate specific areas intended for specific applications. This is often done in commercial applications but it is worth considering for domestic pavements also.

By adding a bit of colour in combination with your different sizes, you could create something even more mesmerizing. Speak to your SmartStone consultant for advice on these laying patterns. View our 3 size laying patterns here.

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