Caledon Riven Cladding

Strip Cladding


Suitable for Various Applications

SmartStone’s Caledon Riven Cladding is a strip-type cladding that is versatile in design and can be used in various applications; indoors and outdoors. This Cladding product is ideal for creating the perfect wall feature which gives off a modern feeling and a spectacular design.

Available at the following branches:

Please note: Not all variations and size options of this product are available at every SmartStone branch.
Please consult your local branch for more details on options available in your area.

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Product NameCaledon Riven Cladding
Course Height(mm)40
Length(mm)100, 200, 300
Compressive StrengthMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
DensityApprox 2350kg/m3

Our colours vary from branch to branch. Click here to view our branch-specific downloadable colour charts.

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