SmartStone Concrete Products

We manufacture and supply quality SmartStone concrete products including paving, coping, cladding, landscaping products, and much more. 

Our products are handmade; however, they are dimensionally accurate – this is one of the reasons we are considered to be world leaders in our field. Dimensional accuracy not only ensures an easier, neater installation, but also guarantees strength and longevity once installed.

SmartStone offers an extensive range of products in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and textures to complement your home and style. These products can be used to bring your outdoor living space to life by using them at your pool, patio, driveway, walkway, entertainment area.

Since our products are made of cast stone, we can take your ideas and customise a design for you.

Please note that not all products are available at all branches. Each branch offers all the product ranges mentioned below, but not each individual product. Please consult with your nearest SmartStone branch to ensure that they do manufacture the product.

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