Paving & Installation Costs

What should the installation of paving cost in 2021?

Building professionals often leave the supply and installation of paving up to their customers. This is usually done by means of so-called prime cost (“PC”) amounts, allocated in the building budget, to source and install specialised materials and fittings.

Due to the vast number of material options available for paving, the installation methods of these materials vary too. It is very difficult to determine a reasonable and accurate PC rand value for paving. The aim of this article is therefore to provide you with a reasonable costing model for residential paving.

Please carefully consider the five following points, when compiling a budget for paving:

1. Type of site:

It is essential to differentiate between commercial, industrial and residential installations of paving.

Industrial and commercial paving applications usually involve civil engineering and the utilisation of specialised paving materials. It is, therefore, almost impossible to estimate costs prior to consulting an engineer.

Please bear in mind that the quoted or tendered cost of paving for commercial sites might exclude specialised earthworks done by big civil companies, whereas contracting and sub-contracting of paving is done in a unique manner. We therefore urge building professionals to refrain from referencing the cost of commercial paving installation when working on residential projects.

2. Earthworks:

Please bear in mind that every site is different and that specialised earthworks might be required. In good and proper paving installations, the installation component, will in some instances, outweigh the costs of the paving material. The installation component of paving usually includes the earthworks – and this, in turn, essentially determines the structural integrity of the paving.

3. Paving Material:

It is critical to differentiate between paving materials when considering the cost of paving. Apart from certain materials being more than three times the price of others, the installation of some of them is much costlier than others, when done according to the correct specifications.

4. Specialised Installation:

The paving industry has evolved in leaps and bounds in the recent past and new sizes and shapes of paving blocks have been introduced which require specialised methods of installation. These cost more than the installation of generic blocks.

5. Pricing:

It is always possible to find “cheaper” paving. There is, however, a difference between “cost” and “price”. The initial price of a specific product might be cheap, while at the same time, the total cost of ownership may be expensive due to failures, repairs and remedial work having to be carried out. The prices below were therefore obtained from reputable, experienced contractors and suppliers that comply with SABS specifications, where applicable.

Expected price of product and installation per square meterExpected price of installation only per square meter
Concrete Bevels or Interlockers R250 – R350R150 – R200
Large Concrete SlabsR350 – R500R250 – R300
Clay Bricks R300 – R350R150 – R200
Simulated or Cast Stone Cobbles (Wet Cast Concrete)R350 – R550R150 – R200
Simulated or Cast Stone Flagstone (Wet Cast Concrete) R400 – R550R150 – R250

Please Note:

  • Prices (indicated above) exclude VAT and allow for local delivery.
  • Prices (indicated above) involve standard material for edge restraints and earthworks. If kerbing, special materials or extraordinary practices are required, these will influence the indicated prices.
  • Prices (indicated above) do not include the cost of uplifting existing paving, or removal of rubble. However, they include bedding sand and other materials required during installation.
  • Prices (indicated above) on small projects are generally more expensive (per square metre) than on larger projects, where the installer enjoys economies of scale.
  • Prices (indicated above) may vary by province.
  • The prices indicated above are merely guidelines and are subject to change. Prices were obtained by means of market research conducted in Gauteng (February 2020).
  • This article is intended to be used only as a guideline. No claims may be made against any party with regard to the information provided above.

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