Walkway & Entrance paving ideas

*because the journey is as important as the destination

You’ll enjoy the journey as much as the destination when you step onto one of

SmartStone’s delicately designed walkways or entrances. These pristine paving solutions brighten up gardens and landscaped outdoor areas, providing easy access into and around your premises. Walkways and Entrances give the first impression of a home, or other premises, by creating an expectation of what is to come. They should therefore reflect the style and tone of a property, its activities, and its owners.

Use your walkway to guide guests to your front door, through your garden, around your home, or towards your entertainment areas. SmartStone offers a choice of square and rectangular-shaped pavers and stepping stones, so let the creativity flow. Whether you want to create a walkway to your front door, through your garden, around your home, or toward your entertainment areas; we’ve got various square and rectangular shaped pavers and stepping stones to design something special. We are able to achieve this with the porous concrete surface of our pavers, which promote a less slippery surface – essential for safety on high-traffic walkways.

Our paving adds value to your premises over the long term through its appearance, durability, functionality, and versatility. You can add a beautiful finish to your walkway and entrance without being restricted to the design limitations of bricks. We also offer matching copings for use on the edges of stairs and raised patios.

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