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View SmartStone’s pool paving ideas. In sunny South Africa, weekends by the pool are part of our culture. So, it’s essential that the paving around your pool is non-slip and textured for safety.

SmartStone is able to achieve this with its porous concrete surface, which promotes a less slippery surface, as well as the unique textures offered to further enhance the non-slip aspect of paved pool areas. Revitalise your pool with a splash of individuality and walk with confidence on a superbly slip-resistant surface.

Our pool paving ideas showcases a variety of colours, shapes, and textures to transform pool surround areas into something special. Besides the various paving options available from SmartStone, these pavers can be sealed to protect them from the effects of chlorine and salt water. SmartStone’s flagstone paving range, used to pave around swimming pools, also comes with complementary rounded bullnose copings.

For more pool paving inspiration, visit our Pinterest page.

A Few Pointers To Consider When Paving Around Pools


Good compaction around new swimming pools is extremely important. Compaction should take place in layers of no more than 150mm each. Care must be taken not to damage the swimming pool when compacting.


Carefully consider slopes and drainage around your pool. It is recommended that paving slope by 1% away from the pool.

Grouting and Bedding

Sand grouting will easily wash out on a pool surround and cement grouting has the tendency to pop out on paving around pools. Imported paving grouting like Romex is a good option for grouting paving in these areas.

Expansion Joints

This is popular among some installers, but it becomes ugly very quickly.


Consider the sharp edges and lugs of normal pavers.  Rounded copings are generally a practical choice.

Salt Chlorinators

Water from salt chlorinated pools will damage paving. Always seal paving around salt chlorinated pools and warn the customer. Sealant should be re-applied every six months when a “cheap” sealant is used and every 24 months when a quality urethane or plastic based sealant is used.

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