Outdoor Living Space Ideas

*create living spaces for a fraction of the cost

With Smartstone, you can create beautiful outdoor living spaces because SmartStone products are engineered to work together and complement a variety of other building materials.

Whatever outdoor living space you want to create, a SmartStone floor would be your first step. With SmartStone, you have various paver and tile shapes, thicknesses, colours and textures to choose from. With these options you would be able to complement your home’s architecture or create a specific feel, in your back yard.

SmartStone is not limited to flooring either. Various branches have options to build or clad vertical structures. The beauty of SmartStone building blocks is that you don’t have to assemble it with cement and mortar. It can be dry stacked with adhesive, which makes it much cleaner and quicker to construct.

Outdoor living spaces are endless. Whether you are just looking for a place to sit, a space to dine or entertain and of course braai and enjoying a fire.  

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