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Traditionally, driveways in southern Africa have been assembled using bricks. With SmartStone, your driveway paving does not need to be restricted by the design limitations of bricks. View our driveway paving ideas. We offer an extensive range of textured concrete cobbles to add a beautiful finish to your driveway. Our concrete cobbles are engineered to carry vehicular traffic and are available in a variety of textures, colours and sizes (many of which can be installed in combination patterns), to meet your specific needs.

In most cases, the driveway of a home, a business or a public institution creates the first impression of what is to come and should therefore reflect the style and tone of the property and its activities.

Creating curb appeal is often overlooked by South Africans. The driveway is the first thing you see when entering your property.

A driveway could fulfil the following functions:

  • Primarily a driveway should always be a functional road.
  • On a secondary level, the driveway could welcome guests and show them where to go and park or simply be a design feature.

Considerations when designing your driveway:

  • The most important aspect of any driveway is the earthworks underneath. The best pavers in the world will fail if the earthworks have not been done properly. Ensure to consult our Installation guidelines for comprehensive advice.
  • Laying patterns should create interlock between pavers and there should not be continuous grouting lines in the direction of the vehicular traffic.

With Smartstone you can design with colour, shape and textures.

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