Most important aspects to consider when purchasing SmartStone

  1. All paving materials have strengths and weaknesses

Please refer to our comparison of paving materials for an objective overview of the most commonly used paving options in South Africa, as well as an objective SmartStone critique.

  1. The correct installation of SmartStone cobbles or flagstones is absolutely essential for their longevity

Please refer to essential pointers when installing SmartStone Cobbles and Flagstones and ensure that your installer complies with them. If they do not comply, we strongly recommend that you find an installer who does. Alternatively, contact SmartStone for details of an approved installer in your area.

  1. It is probable that a whitish film or powder will appear sporadically on SmartStone products after installation (your SmartStone might even be delivered with it)

The whitish film is a natural phenomenon called efflorescence. Please see Natural Phenomena That Might Affect the Appearance of Your SmartStone or Google the word for a more comprehensive explanation of it.

  1. SmartStone is manufactured using concrete simulating the look of natural stone

A concrete product is “alive” and evolves throughout its lifetime. Something like a ceramic tile will not. SmartStone pieces are meant to differ in colour and might change slightly in appearance over time.

Concrete naturally reacts in certain ways and, in some instances, could be susceptible to certain inherent conditions. These include:

An obvious variation in the colour of individual pavers, with a distinct light- or dark-hued “frame” or, conversely, a lighter or darker “core” on the paver’s surface.

Any concrete product may develop permanent dark spots called “black efflorescence”, due to specific soil or water retention conditions.

These are natural phenomena in concrete products. More information is available in Natural Phenomena That Might Affect the Appearance of Your SmartStone.

  1. Do not drive on a new SmartStone driveway for seven days or walk on any SmartStone paving for five days after installation

For this reason, you need to make prior alternative arrangements regarding car parking, etc. When trafficked prematurely, grouting can be seriously affected. This, in turn, will impact the structural integrity of the paved area.

  1. We do not recommend washing SmartStone with acid, or chemicals which contain acid
  2. In no circumstances should SmartStone be sealed within six months of installation

SmartStone products must settle before any application of sealants. Some recommend the sealing of SmartStone, while others do not. This will depend on your personal preference.