Considerations Before Buying Paving

Unfortunately, at this point, the general standard of paving installation throughout South Africa is not very good. We attribute this to the fact that since our inception in 1980, there has been no formal, accredited paving installation training in the country.

Due to the number of opportunistic installers entering the market, ignoring standards and specifications, and driving prices down, many good installers also had to revert to sub-standard practices in order to be price-competitive. This created a snowball effect, where operatives simply learnt the wrong things.

DO NOT accept that any contractor knows how to install paving. This goes for the builder who flawlessly constructed your new home, the paving contractor claiming to have been in business for 33 years and the installer who gave the most expensive quotation. Trust us – we have been here long enough to know!

However, you need to understand that you will pay more for paving to last a lifetime. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and have to choose, we will always advise you to buy cheaper paving rather than saving money on installation.

SmartStone, together with other leading paving manufacturers and installers, is now working with the Concrete Manufacturers’ Association and other industry stakeholders to create SETA-accredited training programmes and standards for paving operatives.

There are good paving contractors in South Africa. The following guidelines will help you identify them:

Paving Basics

Crucial things to understand about paving.
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Questions to ask a paving contractor

The practicalities of installing paving, explained in simple language.
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Paving installation guide

Our SmartStone installation guide serves as an instruction to your contractor.
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