Patio Ideas

How to Bring Patio Ideas to Life

You’ve seen a lot of outdoor patio ideas and you know what you want, but how do you bring all of these patio design ideas to life? Outdoor living spaces are a growing trend in South Africa, and for good reason. Our beautiful climate makes it possible to easily create small patios that serve as an extension of our homes.

Patio Idea brought to life using SmartStone Paduan Pavers made for outdoor areas

3 Factors to Consider When Designing a Patio

A well-designed outdoor area starts with how you plan to use the space. In this article, we’ll show you how to incorporate patio ideas to make the best use of your outdoor space according to your needs.


Available space

Based on your needs, carefully assess your available space and the desired layout for your new patio.

If your home’s current space is limited, you could consider building a raised patio to maximise your usable space and bring your small patio idea to life.

Realising patio ideas for a raised patio created with the SmartStone Paduan Paver

Give your patio the best surface. Choosing the best weatherproof outdoor flooring is central when creating a patio.

Choose durable flagstones, outdoor tiles or cobbles that add flair to your paved area.

Use purpose-made materials for patios. When choosing the best paver, stone paver, or tile for your outdoor flooring and other patio elements, ensure they are designed for outdoor use.

SmartStone produces an extensive range of original, premium outdoor flooring options that work perfectly with other elements to create the perfect backyard patio.

From there, select cladding and other elements that complement the space.


Start with your flooring

Raised Patio ideas taking shape with SmartStone outdoor Paduan pavers for the flooring


Weather conditions

Additionally, weather conditions can impact practical considerations such as drainage and shade for your patio.

Patio Design Styles and Themes

Consider the style of your home. Mixing and matching styles could devalue your investment. Some patio ideas may look wonderful but might not suit your home.

Our range of products are designed to suit various home designs, which we have conveniently classified into the following design styles:

  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Mediterranean
  • Traditional

Unsure which style best fits your home? SmartStone’s design consultants will help you design the perfect patio that aligns with your preferences and home.

Smart patio ideas for outdoor dining area with outdoor kitchen created with SmartStone non-slip outdoor paving

Creative Patio Layout Ideas

Lay out your new patio with your wish list in mind. Do you want to create specific areas to dine, relax or cook? Or perhaps to incorporate a fire pit. Our expert consultants will guide you through the various options.

Outdoor Furniture and Patio Decor

Select comfortable, weather-resistant furniture and accessories that complement your space and interior design. You could also consider a built-in outdoor seating area that you can accessorise with throw pillows.

Lighting Options for a Cosy Patio Atmosphere

Use lighting for a cosy patio atmosphere. Consider options like:

  • String lights and fairy lights
  • Solar-powered Garden lights
  • Lanterns and candles for ambience
  • Built-in LED lighting for pathways and steps

Incorporating Plants and Greenery in Your Patio Design

Introducing greenery enhances your patio’s appeal.

  • Blend organic and inorganic materials for balance.
  • Choose plants suited to your climate and utilise planters, hanging baskets, vertical gardens and pots.
  • Screens can also enhance privacy while adding a touch of colour to your space.
Patio ideas incorporating plants and greenery patio design

Budget-Friendly Patio Ideas

Avoid cutting corners on quality materials and professional installers when building your dream patio.

  • A scalable plan will help you spread costs by building your space in stages.
  • An experienced consultant can help you save money, whether you opt for a DIY or turnkey solution.
  • Choosing a professional paving contractor is crucial

Bringing Your Patio Ideas to Life

Ready to bring your patio ideas to life? Speak to SmartStone for no-obligation advice on maximising your budget and achieving the perfect patio.