Constructing a Raised Patio

With SmartStone Rock-Face Walling Blocks

Having a raised patio offers a distinct area with several benefits. Aside from being a feature that will add value to your property, there are several practical reasons to build a raised patio.

Why have a raised garden patio?

Your garden has a slope.

If your garden has a steep slope, a raised patio is an effective way to create a level area.

Constructing a Raised Patio with SmartStone Rock-Face Walling Blocks and outdoor flooring

Raised patios reduce or eliminate the need for steps.

Walking out from your indoor living area to a raised patio is effortless as there are no annoying steps. This makes enjoying your space and entertaining accessible to people of all ages.

Virtually maintenance free.

Raised patios are virtually maintenance-free when built with durable outdoor products such as SmartStone, that are designed to withstand the elements.

What are the advantages of building a raised patio?

There are several benefits to constructing a raised patio. With SmartStone, you can easily build a raised patio and enjoy more of your home by creating an outdoor living area.

Improve the value of your property with SmartStone

Improve the value of your property:

Enjoy all the benefits a raised patio has to offer while adding value to your property.

Scalable outdoor living with Smartstone

Scalable outdoor living:

Designing a patio with SmartStone is a great way to create a scalable space. You can easily add features such as outdoor kitchens, seating areas, or pergolas to your area in the future.

An extension of your home with Smartstone

An extension of your home:

Raised patios are a cost-effective way to extend the size of your home without the need for building plans and architectural fees.

You can quickly and easily extend your lounge or dining area at a fraction of the cost of building an extra room.

Design freedom with Smartstone

Design freedom:

With SmartStone, you can choose textures and colours that complement the look and feel of your property.

Quick and easy with Smartstone

Quick and Easy:

A small garden patio can be built in three days.

Read on to find out how to build simply and efficiently with SmartStone’s walling blocks.

A simple way to build a raised patio

You don’t need to build a raised patio with bricks and mortar and the mess it brings. Using SmartStone products, you can build a small, raised patio in just three days.

SmartStone Rock-Face Walling Blocks make building raised patios easy. The walling complements our flooring products seamlessly.

We also offer a wide variety of flagstones and non-slip outdoor tiles to cover all your outdoor flooring needs. You can choose the colour, size, and surface texture. SmartStone offers various finishes from stone, right through to modern concrete slabs.

To help you build the perfect raised patio, we’ve put together a short video and tips to for creating your new space.

Five essential tips for creating a small garden patio:


Remove Topsoil:

Replace the topsoil with strong inorganic material like G5 gravel for a stable foundation. Proper compaction is crucial for durability and longevity.


Lay a Strong Foundation:


Ensure Proper Drainage:

Incorporate proper drainage systems into your patio design to prevent water buildup and protect against water damage.

Carefully lay your tiles or pavers, ensuring proper spacing and alignment for a professional finish.


Ensure Your Tiles or Pavers Are Set Properly:


Choose Durable Materials:

For additional information, view our installation guidelines, and click here to download them.

You can also enhance your patio, by including seating walls or a fire pit in your design.

Building a small garden patio is simple with the right materials and a clear plan.

Ready to create a stunning outdoor space with SmartStone?