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Technical Information
Product Name:Katze Cladding SingleKatze Cladding Double
Course Height (mm):3060
Lengths (mm):125, 250, 375125, 250, 375
Mass/M2 (kg):6060
Compressive Strength:Min 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPaMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
Density:Approx 2350 kg / m3Approx 2350 kg / m3

Katze Cladding

Katze Cladding is a new, exciting addition to the SmartStone Cladding collection. This modern riven effect will transform any wall into a masterpiece and give your room an elegant, modern look. Katze Cladding is available in single, double or triple cladding.

Available at the following branches:

Nelspruit, Namibia, and Mozambique.


Katze Cladding