Technical Information
Product Name:Ibanzi PaverIbanzi Half
Dimensions (mm):988 x 488488 x 488
Thickness (mm):4040
Coverage/Unit (mm):1000 x 500 500 x 500
Mass/M2 (kg):8888
Compressive Strength:Min 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPaMin 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
Density:Approx 2350 kg / m3Approx 2350 kg / m3

Ibanzi Paver

Ibanzi Pavers are ideal for patios, pool surrounds, walkways and landscaping. They are larger than the average flagstone paver, with dimensions of 988 x 488 mm. Due to its large size, the Ibanzi Paver is commonly used on walkways.

Available at the following branches:

Midrand, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Potchefstroom, Durban, Cape Town, Mozambique and Zambia.


Ibanzi Paver