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Gauteng Copings


Copings for Stairs


Pool Coping

Flower Boxes

Wall Copings

Selecting the right coping:

A coping should work with the paving. Copings could match or contrast the rest of the paving.

SmartStone copings are available in various colours  and textures in order to complement  the style of your property.

SmartStone copings are available in most SmartStone paving ranges and in various size options within these ranges.


Different Types of Copings


<strong>Corner Coping</strong>
Corner Coping
<strong>Coping On The Short Side</strong>
Coping On The Short Side
<strong>Coping On The Long Side<?strong>
Coping On The Long Side
<strong>Double Coping</strong>
Double Coping

Why Use Copings?

Paving Copings generally have rounded edges Or a “bullnose” on one or more sides of a paver. Copings are used on the edges of paved areas where sides of pavers are elevated.

SmartStone is a pioneer in the manufacture of copings and our copings are used across South Africa:

  • Around swimming pools
  • On stairs and steps
  • On flower boxes
  • On edges of patios and other elevated paved areas

An important aspect in swimming pools is that copings should be smooth enough for bare feet but at the same time slip resistant. Smartstone  copings are porous and pass industry slip resistant tests.

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