Fan Cobble Site Summerset Estate (5)
Technical Information
Product Name:Fan Cobble
Dimensions (mm):1301 x 765
Thickness (mm):50
Coverage/Unit (mm):1301 x 765
Units/M2:2.05 Fans / sqm
Mass/M2 (kg):115
Compressive Strength:Min 25 MPa Ave 30-40 MPa
Density:Approx 2350 kg / m3

Fan Cobble

Fan Cobbles are ideal for those wanting to break away from the linear effect of standard cobbles. Each fan consists of 38 cobbles in 17 different shapes. These cobbles are numbered for ease of laying and to help create the perfect fan shape.

Available at the following branches:

MidrandPretoria, Durban, George, Nelspruit, Namibia, and Potchefstroom.

SmartStone Design Ideas

 SmartStone Fan cobbles are the perfect complement to formal gardens, elegant symmetrical water features and topiaries found in classicallystyled gardens.

 Fan cobbles are completely different from the conventional square and rectangle paving products, and offer a nonlinear effect that looks beautiful in the right setting.

 Fan cobbles are best used on larger areas like driveways for their full effect to be appreciated.


Fan Cobble