Driveway Paving Ideas

Browse SmartStone’s driveway paving ideas, showcased in the gallery above.

Traditionally, driveways in southern Africa have been assembled using bricks, but with SmartStone, your driveway paving does not need to be restricted by the design limitations of bricks. We offer an extensive range of textured concrete cobbles to add a beautiful finish to your driveway. These concrete cobbles are engineered to carry vehicular traffic and are available in a variety of colours and sizes (many of which can be installed in combination patterns), to meet your specific needs.

In most cases, the driveway of a home, a business or a public institution creates the first impression of what is to come and should therefore reflect the style and tone of the property and its activities.

In the gallery above are examples of how you can design a unique and beautiful driveway with SmartStone. The products which are most suitable for use in constructing your driveway, as well as the various laying patterns applicable to installing your concrete cobbles, are detailed below.

Should you require assistance, our branches have experienced consultants who will work tirelessly to assist you in designing your dream driveway. Contact your nearest SmartStone branch or fill in this form and we will contact you.