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Company Profile

SmartStone was founded in 1980. The original SmartStone concept was to create concrete products that simulate the look and feel of natural stone, but SmartStone quickly evolved into much more. We pioneered the idea of exterior design systems, which was achieved by creating products with natural textures, others which remained true to concrete and some that could only be described as authentic SmartStone. Subsequently, SmartStone became a generic name and our manufactured product range expanded to include various shape and texture pavers, wall cladding, tiles and landscaping features. Our cost-effective paving products are manufactured to replicate the same natural beauty as real stone and are suitable for residential or commercial paving projects.

Although SmartStone is handmade, every piece is precision engineered to work as part of a greater unit. SmartStone doesn’t simply supply products, we supply design and consistency with the end result in mind. The appearance of concrete paving products is only one part of the equation because we understand that you buy driveways, patios, paths or pool paving and not just loose pavers or tiles. We help homeowners select the right concrete paving for each project and are committed to the best possible design to ensure significant value is added to your investment.

Our goal was to make SmartStone products readily available to all, so we developed a national footprint through a Licencee programme that extends throughout South Africa. Outside South African borders, SmartStone concrete products are manufactured in Namibia and Jordan. Our products are also sold in Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho, while fully fledged manufacturing plants will soon open in Zimbabwe and Zambia. SmartStone is a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association, which proves our commitment to the advancement of paving and concrete products.

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