Commercial Paving

SmartStone’s Commercial Paving is thicker and expected to be stronger in order to accommodate heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. For this reason, SmartStone’s Thick Commercial Paving is used for residential applications.

Commercial landscapes can be beautifully designed with more than just bricks, as we do not believe it is necessary to compromise on aesthetics in order to make paving more durable. We have the capacity to deliver the large quantities which commercial landscapes require, on time, while ensuring consistent quality.

In the gallery above are examples of how you can design your commercial landscape with SmartStone. The products that are most suitable for use on commercial applications, as well as the various laying patterns applicable to installing your commercial paving, are detailed below.

Should you require assistance, our branches have experienced consultants who deal specifically with professionals in the field, and they will work tirelessly to assist you in designing a durable and beautiful commercial landscape. Contact your nearest SmartStone branch or fill in this form and we will contact you.