Use our cobbles in conjunction with other SmartStone products to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

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SmartStone cobblestones are smaller paving blocks, designed to carry both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They are not restricted to driveway paving, but are suitable for various applications, including around buildings, along walkways, in courtyards, as garden edging, around pools and as accentuation points in urban designs. They are renowned for their engineered precision, durability and aesthetic appeal. The beauty of SmartStone cobbles lies in their unique surface textures and shapes and the design possibilities these present. Furthermore, rougher surface textures might be a practical solution for paving on steep driveways, for instance.

Our cobbles allow you to design beautiful outdoor living spaces with much more depth than ordinary paving bricks. Many of our products have been engineered to install in combination with one another and these contrasting effects add further interest.SmartStone cobblestones have gained popularity across southern Africa due to their ability to complement the architectural design of your home.