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Choosing the right paving contractor

Quality paving installation comes at a premium. At SmartStone we have seen many paving installations and problems on sites. The installation of paving is a skill and it costs money to do it properly. Herewith some common questions to ask a contractor in order to assess if you will get what you expect.

The downloadable pdf below guides you in identifying what aspects a contractor should adhere to in order to ensure a structurally sound paving installation.

In the document we have identified 4 types of contractors. Namely, “contractors who comply with international standards of installation for commercial paving”(A), “contractors who comply with international standards of installation for residential paving”(B), “common South African installers”(C) and finally, “opportunistic installers”(D). Listed in the 1st column is a list of questions that one might ask prospective installers in order to compare them with each other. These questions correspond with the answers you would expect to get from the aforementioned contractors in columns A, B, C and D.

We trust this will aid in selecting a contractor that will ensure your installation is one of top quality.

Categories of contractors

(click the above link to view pdf. document)

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