Why choose SmartStone?

1. Thicker pavers provide more strength

SmartStone cobbles are manufactured to conform to The Concrete Manufacturers Association recommended standards for residential driveway applications. Their recommendation is a 50mm thick paver. Many other manufacturers however sell products with a 40mm thickness. It should be taken into consideration that a 50mm SmartStone cobble contains 20% more concrete than a 40mm paver which makes it slightly more expensive, but definitely much stronger.

2. Denser concrete provides more strength

A higher density of concrete provides superior strength. It is therefore advisable to take the actual weight of the various cast stone products into consideration when making a choice. The lighter the product, the less strength it will provide.

3. Nibs for installation accuracy

Most of SmartStone cobbles have visible nibs on the sides that ensure precise installation of the product. The nibs are produced using high tech moulds and precision engineered masters.

4. Striking design capabilities

With SmartStone products you don’t just buy a paving block or tile; you buy a design. All our products can be used in combination with one another. This engineering feat allows you to create innovative designs and themes to complement your home and garden. With more than thirty years in the business, SmartStone has the experience to help you achieve your desired style.

5. Dimensional accuracy for neatness & strength

Although handmade, SmartStone’s dimensional accuracy is one of the reasons why we are considered to be world leaders in cast stone products. Dimensional accuracy not only ensures an easier, neater installation but also guarantees strength and longevity once installed.

6. We have the capacity to supply on time

One of the greatest issues in the cast stone industry is the ability to produce on time. SmartStone is a reputable company and has timeously supplied and completed many large commercial projects and has a proven track record. Production times can therefore confidently be adhered to by all SmartStone branches.

7. Superior moulds for superior products

It is important to note that cast stone moulds have a limited lifespan. At SmartStone we have our own mould manufacturing plant, which together with a stringent replacement program, ensures the integrity of our moulds; thereby ensuring the integrity of our product.

8. ‘Natural’ is not always better

Cast stone has been developed, over centuries, to offer the beauty of natural stone, but without its limitations. SmartStone products offer tested, engineered qualities that result in a predictable, durable lifespan. Because of SmartStone’s controlled manufacturing process, aggregates are meticulously graded to produce an end product that is uniform in density – without weak spots. SmartStone products are engineered with natural stone as the blueprint, but technology as the quality assurance.

9. Lastly, make sure that you are using genuine SmartStone products

SmartStone has become a fairly generic name for cobbles and flagstones. It is advisable to be present when stock is delivered to ensure that the product is genuine SmartStone.