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Traditional theme

Manufacturers of paving stones, cobbles, flagstones, cladding and tiles.

SmartStone has been the pioneer in manufacturing cast stone paving for more than 30 years. Our product range includes cobblestone paving for driveways, larger flagstones to pave patios and pool areas, elegant outdoor tiling, cladding for walls, stepping-stones and other hard landscaping features. SmartStone supplies paving products from branches strategically located around South Africa. We also have manufacturing branches in Namibia and Zambia together with sales offices in Mozambique and Swaziland. SmartStone also has a manufacturing plant in Jordan.

Our branches provide clients with expert advice, free quotes, professional onsite assistance and free paving design. Gauteng clients can take advantage of our accredited installation to guarantee quality craftsmanship.

With SmartStone’s innovative range of products, strength and durability, paired with a design aesthetic, SmartStone is the perfect choice for designing your house.

Recent Projects

Steyn City traffic circles
Waterfall City sidewalks
Silverstar Casino
Newtown Junction
Sun City
Thaba Moshate Casino
Hoffman Square, Bloemfontein
Maria Moroka Nature Reserve
Kuruman Casino

You CAN design with SmartStone

Smartstone offers a wide range of products in many shapes, sizes, textures and colours. This allows you to manifest your ideas in design.

No matter the style you want to create, we have the products to suit your design.


Contemporary House

Simple and minimalist with clean modular textures, in shades of light and dark grey concrete.


Traditional Theme House

Rugged and Earthy with an indigenous and local South African feel, informal, spacious and natural.


Mediterranean Themed house

Sophisticated and simple. The perfect theme for the outdoors, with a live summery feel.


Classical themed house

Refined and formal with European and Colonial influences, for larger homes with formal gardens.

Why choose us?

  • You can design with SmartStone. SmartStone creates long term value and outdoor living spaces which are both beautiful and practical.
  • A good strategy to add value to your home is to create and maintain a specific style. SmartStone has various products which are engineered to work in combination with each other for a combined effect and for the purpose of creating various property styles. SmartStone has been around for more than 30 years and has a network of owner managed branches that have the expertise to assist with creating such a style. It is re-assuring to know that SmartStone will be able to partner with clients for many years to come to continue building property value.
  • SmartStone has been both a pioneer and a developer in the paving industry but has also evolved in synergy with the market in terms of trends and requirements. Such extensive experience cannot be imitated overnight.
  • SmartStone produces quality. Manufacturers can be quite glib about this fact. For the untrained eye, concrete will look like concrete but the essence of concrete lies in its structural strength. For this reason we are proud to say that we are members of the Concrete Manufacturers Association, an industry body who oversees and regulates the quality of the products being manufactured by its members.
  • SmartStone has been used extensively for various commercial projects. Apart from proven confidence in our products, these big projects also provided the backbone for much product developments and enhancements.
  • You might hear comments such as “another product is just like SmartStone but only costs less”. This is like saying an old cell phone is just like the latest cell phone, it just costs less. There are reasons for everything in life.

What does it mean to be a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association?

CMA Logo

The CMA lobbies for best-practice technical standards in the manufacture and application of precast concrete and promotes its members and their products as trusted market leaders.

They also initiate and revise technical standards on precast concrete products. Members must comply with these technical standards at all times which ensures the integrity, quality and accuracy of their products. If there is any deviation from the stipulated technical standards, a company’s membership and reputation are at stake.

If SmartStone adheres to standards stipulated by an industry body such as the CMA their clients have the assurance that they are buying the best possible quality.


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